Åh, gubbrock! <3

Skulle säga några välvalda ord såhär inför det nya året, men Tom Keifer i Cinderella gör det betydligt bättre!

I was born on the dawn of a new society
And I feel lucky that my eyes could see
People stadning up and being
Who they want to be
People made the music
and the music set them free

Now I was just a baby through
The summer of love they say
But it still feels like it was yesterday
And if the road gets rough
I pick up my guitar and play
It's always been right by my side
To help me on my way

Now I don't need to worry 'bout tomorrow
Aain't anticipating what's to come
And I don't need to worry 'bout
The things I have not done
Long as I got rock and roll

I'm forever young
Now we can't always understand the world
Farther along we'll understand it all
The '70s looked like we all
Were headed for a fall
But those who listened hard enough
Could hear the summer call
Now I was growing up through all of this
My first beer and love and my first kiss
You never learn the things in school
You learn by living and going through
You taught me to be myself
How can I thank you


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